Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Individual Experience of Life: The differences amongst a vast majority of different people

I think the title of this chapter is a little self-explanatory but I will break it down and make it easier to swallow. This chapter is about the experience of life and how it differs from person to person. Whether we were created or evolved from a “monkeyfishfrog” (thanks Mrs. Garrison), we are all different. Especially when it comes to how one looks at life. We all don’t share the same view on life and for this I am extremely grateful.

On the Road Again...

There are many roads we venture down in our lives here on Earth. Whether it is down the road of education or prosperity or down the road of drug and alcohol abuse; we all are venturing down life’s roads. Whenever there is a crossroads in life it always seems to hit us in the most inopportune time. Whether we are just comfortable in the direction we are already going or completely ready for the change, life always throws a curveball. Even if we think we are ready to take on the challenge of change, we really are never fully ready and as prepared as we would like to think and be. One of these crossroads life has is always the hardest to follow; at least it is this way for me. This is the life long endeavor of seeking for the truth.

Divine, Deity, or Delusion

Today people say that the Bible definitively supports and champions Jesus as god. They use various Bible verses to prove to a degree of absolution that Jesus was divine and deity or god. They say that Jesus’ own disciples understood him to be god incarnate. They even claim that Paul the apostle understood Jesus to be god. But before I begin destroying their  reasoning I would like to point out one thing. I will only be using the “claims” of deity that Jesus spoke himself. I will not be using claims that Paul said because I think it is bogus to use his “claims” and here’s why.