Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The Death Narratives

To Christians today the death of Jesus unequivocally proves Jesus is God and the messiah. There are many proponents who like to use the gospels accounts of Jesus’ death to prove that he was and is the messiah promised in the Old Testament. One of the biggest and loudest proponents is none other than Dick Rueben. I remember not too long ago watching a video of him using the gospels to show that Jesus is the messiah. He would use a little of Matthew then skip to a verse in Luke and then compare those to Mark and tie all those together with John and voila, you have Jesus as the promised messiah. I was astonished that it could just be that easy. I began asking my self, “How’d he do that?” So I hit the internet right away and began researching. I got a couple books from my library and set out to see if this guy was right and if it was just that easy or if he was totally misinformed.