Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bible Cherries

We have all seen or at least heard of the anti-gay marriage proponents out at some protest touting signs that say, "Homosexuality is an abomination!", quoting Leviticus 20:13. I usually pay no attention to these people because I usually write them off to be just crazy people. I held this view for some time. But my perspective of these people changed after I read Sam Harris' book The End of Faith. I realized that these people were not crazy. Most, if not all, were pefectly sane. They pretty much lived the same kind of life I did. Work , eat, and sleep. So what made them different than me that, in the beginning, I would label them crazy? It was so obvious to me after reading Sam Harris' book. These people had a predisposition of religiosity. They believed with every fiber of their being the veracity of the Bible. This is where they derived their inspiration, ethics, and morals. They had an outside source telling them how to feel and think.

So why this verse? Well as it turns out it is because it is the only verse that explicitly condemns homosexuality. So it is specifically chosen to represent their views or in other words cherry-picked. Chrisitans are master cherry-pickers. They pick and choose any chapter and verse specific to their ideology and disregard all the rest. Just let me show you how dangerous a practice this is.

I despise rapists. They are deranged locusts who feed and prey on the weak. But with that said if I wanted to be a rapist I have cherry-picked a nice piece of scripture to back me up. Please read the following verses. Deuteronomy 22:28-29

Slavery is an atrocious scar on our country's history. It is a horrendous human rights violation. But with that said, if I wanted to own slaves, well needless to say there is scripture for that too. Leviticus 25:44-46, Ex. 21:2-11, 20-21, Eph. 6:5, 1 Tim. 6:1-2

Genocide? Just read Joshua or Judges. They are chock full of mass murder.
Misogyny? Paul is all too famous for being a sexist ass. 1 Cor. 11, 14, 1 Tim. 2, Eph 5:22-24
Murder? This ought to excite Christians because the Bible specifically commands you to kill atheists and any one who does not worship your God. God even wants you to kill any one who is not found to be a virgin on their wedding night. Sorry girls there are no second chances according to the God of the Bible. Lev. 24:10-16, Deut 13:7-12, 17:12, Deut. 22: 20-21

My last cherry-picked scripture is one of the most grotesque and vile things any one could ever do. Human sacrifice. While the verses I will cite are not a command to sacrifice humans they do show God being perfectly ok and pleased with human sacrifice. Does any one know who King Josiah was. He was one of the greatest kings of Israel. He also sacrificed humans to God who was pleased by it. 2 Kings 23:20-25. This story in Judges will blow your mind. Judges 11:29-40. Plus we all know that God loves human sacrifice by the greatest sacrifice of all time. Jesus his only son. How deplorable, vile, immoral, and perverted is killing your own son as a sacrifice to yourself? Dare I say more?

With the exception of slavery and misogyny, all my scriptures come from the Old Testament mainly the Law of Moses. So I already know the pat Christian response to my accusations. The Law of Moses was the old covenant made with God and when Jesus died God made a new covenant with us. They cherry-pick this answer from Paul who is famous for telling us that we no longer have to follow the old law. That Jesus' death nullified the Mosaic Law. The old law could no longer save you only Jesus could. But they do this with complete disregard to what Jesus himself has to say about this matter. Please read Matt. 5:17-20. Jesus specifically says he didn't come to "abolish the law". So why the apparent contradiction?

This is where the other expected apologist answer comes into play, "Well you see, Jesus was speaking in metaphors and hyperbole." Here is my question for you if this is your train of thought. When does it stop? Then is the virgin birth, baptism, miracles, holy spirit, resurrection, and the life of Jesus a metaphor? Is hell a metaphor or hyperbole? What about heaven? Where is the line drawn? Since there is no way to discern if what Jesus said is a metaphor or is not you are essentially deiciding on your own accord to the best of your human knowledge what is and what is not.

Another solution to the problem is saying that, "Well Jesus didn't actually mean what it sounds like it means." In other words, "Jesus didn't really mean that." I hope you can see the absurdity of this point of view. I have always been taught my whole life that what ever I promise or say I will do I keep my word and do it, even if I absolutely do not want to do it. We live in a society where we take people's word and treat them as a contract. We don't read between the lines. If some body says they are going to do something we expect them to accomplish what they said they were going to do. This hasn't changed at all since the time of Jesus. As a matter of fact is was more important and detrimental to their culture than it is to ours. ( Please read The New Testament World by Bruce J. Malina) So why can't we take Jesus at his word? If he says something, unless notified before hand that he is speaking in metaphor or hyperbole, we should always take him at his word or what good is his word?

Also what authority do you have to tell me what Jesus meant? What authority do you have to tell me above the rest of your Christian brethren what Jesus meant? If you claim that it is upon the authority of God then I want you to explain to me why then are there thousands of christian denominations? Who has the authority? Who gets to pick and choose?

You would expect this kind of "revelation" style theology from a religion that was founded off of divine revelation. Here is what I mean. Imagine about 4,000 years ago the one and only true God revealed himself to a sheep hearder with the competence of a five year old in the middle of the desert geographically isolated from the world. Just because of this one instance we now have, 4,000 years later, thousands of religions that share a common lineage with this sheep hearder. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and all their subsidiaries are all religions based off of hearsay from one man 4,000 years ago. A religion of hearsay founded in hearsay. It doesnt get much better than that.

I hope one day all pious people will recognize how deep hypocrisy runs in some of their core theological systems. I hope they see the dangers in cherry-picking scriptures to go along with their prejudices. I hope they see when you put one scripture on a mantle you typically disregard the rest. I hope they see by disregarding certain verses because it is questionable or instills doubt that they are on their way to honest discourse and rational debate and hopefully a road to atheism.


  1. Jesus did indeed NOT come to abolish the Law that He Himself gave to Moses on Sinai. But that Law was meant, as He Himself explains in several places in the Holy Gospels (John 8:3-11), to make man look inside his own soul and judge himself, and see the mote inside his own eyes rather than the beam inside his brotehr's eye (Matthew 7:1-5; Luke 6:41-42), so that by judging himself in this life he might escape eternal judgement in the next (1 Corinthians 11:31).

    They had an outside source telling them how to feel and think.

    I honestly doubt that abhorrence towards homo-sexual relations is something either exterior or imposed: it's internal and natural to the human being.

    -- Lucian.

  2. Oh so holding up signs that have Bible verses on them is naturally inside humans?

    It is exterior and outside influence. It is how you are raised. Just because you have one understanding of how the world works does not make it the only way. Neither does mine. Thought and knowledge are subjective not objective. Only truth is objective. This also goes for your understanding of the Bible.

    Also, humans don't need the Law to look inside themselves. We do it with or with out God or something to tell us to do it. It is human nature to find a deeper meaning in all that we do. So I guess we will all be saved then.


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