Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Separated at Death

Sometimes as an atheist I forget what it is like to think like a Christian. To understand crazies, psychologists will explore the complex abyss of the mind. They try to understand the way they think to gain insight into how their minds tick. So since I couldn't remember what that was like I thought I would delve into the mind of a Christian and try and understand how they think. So I picked a pastor that I used to enjoy learning from. None other than Pastor Rick Warren. Me and my wife read his book, A Purpose Driven Life, together, so I thought, why not?

I figured I would come across bat shit crazy ideas about suffering, gays, heaven, hell, sin, etc... But to my amazement he really doesn't go into much detail about anything. His "insights" into Christian doctrine are all really vague and indistinct. I am used to the colorful imagery of John Hagee, Mark Driscoll, Rod Parsley, et al. So to see his lack of graphic doctrinal illustration, I was a bit perplexed and befuddled. Maybe this was done intentionally, I don't know, but something did catch my eye as somewhat pecuilar.

What caught my eye was his explanation and definition of hell. He called it Separation. I know this divergent form of thought isn't anything new but I guess I never really thought of its implacations before. So I started thinking about it. And the more and more I did, the more and more it became laughable.

Considering I already am enjoying my life separated from God, I don't see it the least bit frightening. To most atheists, being eternally separated from God would be absolutely sublime. So it left me wondering, "And this is a bad thing because...?"

So to all the Christians out there I would like to know how you get hell being "eternally separated" from God and how that is worse than a literal lake of fire?


  1. Wait . . . so I get exactly what I want and already have? That's not frightening at all.

  2. Well thats the general idea but Warren doesn't tell us where this is all supposedly going to take place. But from that sort of logic its a win win for atheists either way really...Id rather spend eternity in the company of Carl Sagan, Einstein, Jefferson, Ehrman etc...then gravelling at the feet of some maniacal tyrant. IMHO.

  3. Devin asked: "So to all the Christians out there I would like to know how you get hell being "eternally separated" from God and how that is worse than a literal lake of fire?"

    According to the Bible God is everywhere in this world all of the time. If that is true, then it is impossible for anyone in this world to truly experience separation from God while here in this world. Meaning, you won't know what it is like until you get there.

  4. Well if God is everywhere at all times then he is a sadist. How could you sit back and watch your creation tear it self apart? How could you sit back and watch the helpless die of something as trivial as hunger? But I digress...

    The Bible is not the ultimate source for authority. The Bible fails to explain anything and everything. Plus you still did not answer my question.

    How do you get "eternally separated" from the Bible? Where is that at? And what about all the teachings of a lake of fire? I don't care if God is "everywhere" that is irrelevant to the questions I ask. Plus only YHWH and some other obscure gods are omnipresent. There are plenty of other non-omnipresent gods out there. What about them?


  5. well, the word separate is itself a word that is separated. if you look up 'sep' and 'a-rated' you'll find two very different definitions. especially if using different languages. so that's kinda where the basic idea comes from.


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