Wednesday, November 24, 2010

UNapologetics: Does God Create Evil?

About a year before I started traveling down my road towards atheism, I was in the extreme Christian minority--some might even call it the fringe. I belonged to a group of people who believed that God created all evil in this world. We even had biblical proof! I was pretty sure alot of people were familiar with Isaiah 45:7 where God says, "I make peace and create evil." But to my surprise I was completely wrong. When I would show my fundy friends this verse they would all decry and denegrate me saying I was taking said verse out of context. Being used to the accusation of taking things out of context, I just told them that if they had an alternate explanation they would like to elucidate by all means the floor was theirs. And of course they had nothing on the spot. But a couple of days later the friends I had showed the verse to said they had the answer. They had printed out a page off of the apologetics website CARM. I was extremely familiar with CARM. I used to peruse their website looking for things to critique and debate. So without further adieu here is the alternate explanation I was presented with.